Adaptec Series 7He


Secure, Removable Hardware Encryption for Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)

maxCryptoAdaptec maxCrypto technology, available on the Series 7He family host bus adapters (HBAs), offers the most secure, high performance solution for data centers requiring maximum I/O connectivity and low latency. maxCrypto ensure that customer sensitive data is encrypted and protected by secure 256 bit AES, in-line encryption. As soon as the unique maxCrypto key associated with a specific HBA is removed, data is unreadable.

The maxCrypto asymmetric cryptographic encryption engine provides on the fly hardware data encryption at line speed enabled with HW encryption key. The act of physically inserting and detecting the maxCrypto key into the connector triggers the encryption. Each key is unique to each board and accessible only inside the server. A pairing mechanism protects the data, warning before overwriting data if the key is installed or removed. Utilizing non-volatile memory and a single wire interface, maxCrypto allows for up to 192 bits protected non-volatile memory (NVM) read-only space for customer specified information which cannot be modified by the end user.

PMC Adaptec HBAs with maxCrypto include:

Series 7H  
  • Adaptec 71605He:   6Gb/s PCIe Gen3, 16 internal ports, low profile, SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapter with hardware data encryption.

  • Adaptec 70165He:   6Gb/s PCIe Gen3, 16 external ports, low profile, SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapter with hardware data encryption