Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

maxView Storage Manager

  Storage Management Overview


The Adaptec maxView Storage Manager makes it simple to view, monitor, and configure all the storage in your system built on Adaptec RAID adapters. The convenient graphical user interface (GUI) looks and operates the same across Adaptec product lines and supported operating systems, which include Windows, Linux, VMWare, and Solaris. Centrally manage direct attached storage (DAS) and networked storage with this single tool. Plus, manage advanced cache pools to existing volumes via maxCache SSD Caching, and storage power consumption with Adaptec Intelligent Power Management.

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager shares the same interface and can be used locally as well as remotely across all supported operating systems and platforms. Its powerful context-sensitive online help system makes it easy to use. Because Adaptec Remote Management Services are built into popular third-party vendor solutions, Adaptec maxView Storage Manager can be used to remotely manage those solutions (e.g. Storage Server, NAS or iSCSI target devices). View maxView FAQS

Web Based GUI

  • Fresh look and feel
  • Plug-in infrastructure supporting the following browsers:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari (includes tablets)
  • VMWare Support (4.1, 5.x)

Support for Industry Standards - SNIA and SMI-S

  • Allows integration with third party clients (SMI-S)
  • IBM Tivoli, MS Hyper V console, HP Storage Essentials
  • SNIA SMI-S certified (CTP) and VMWare CIMpat

Enhanced Cache in StorLib

  • Generates change events in management data
  • Fast response for management requests
  • Reduce commands sent to adapter

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager is included with the following Adaptec Products:

12 Gb/s

6 Gb/s

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

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