Series 7H Host Bus Adapters
New PMC Adaptec Series 7H PCIe Gen3 6Gb/s SAS and SATA Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)


The new Series 7H HBAs offer high-performance I/O and low latency with broad device compatibility, scalability and flexibility. Using maxCrypto, secures customer data with the industry's only encrypted HBA.


Introduction to Series 7H

Series 7/7H SAS HD Cables

PCIe Gen3 for Maximum Performance
Series 7H solves bottleneck

PCIe Gen3 HBAs with only 8 native ports can only take advantage of a maximum throughput of 4.8 GB/s. Adaptec Series 7H with 16 and 8 native ports take advantage of the full PCIe Gen 3 bandwidth capability.