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Today's Hyper Scale Data Centers Demand
Hyper Efficiency

Environmentally-conscious manufacturing Faced with escalating energy costs and exploding data growth that needs to be transmitted, cached, stored, analyzed and archived, today's data centers require platforms and architectures that can minimize their footprint and reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance or connectivity.

Smart data center managers know that one of the most effective - and sometimes the most overlooked - methods for achieving highly efficient, high-density servers is to optimize the storage.

Microsemi Adaptec Delivers Energy-Saving Performance
Series 8 with ZMCP Microsemi Adaptec has a history of technical innovation and a design philosophy that rewards simplicity by continuously eliminating overdesigned components and purposely defining features and functionality. This philosophy helps data centers reduce costs by optimizing their power, cooling, and cabling solutions in dense server environments as they evolve from traditional power-hungry big-box server units with limited internal storage to smaller, more efficient 1U and 2U servers with expandable external storage.

The new Adaptec RAID 81605ZQ is a good example of our design philosophy with flash backup circuitry built into the adapter (no need for daughter board) for maximum efficiency and a best-in-class Green IT solution.

Adaptec Customers Benefit From:

  • Lower Watts Per Port: For example, an Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapter with 24 native SAS/SATA ports can replace up to three 8-port RAID adapters or HBAs, reducing the number of watts-per-port. Also, competitors with 8-port RAID adapters must use expanders to maximize connectivity, typically adding 12 watts per expander.
      - Typical 8 port PCIe Gen3 LP RAID adapter at 12 watts = 1.5 watts per port
      - Adaptec 16 port PCIe Gen3 LP RAID adapter at 13.33 watts = 1.14 watts per port
      - Adaptec 24 port PCIe Gen3 HF RAID adapter at 21.93 watts = .91 watts per port
  • Higher IOPS Per Watt: Every new generation of Adaptec RAID adapters optimizes bandwidth to significantly increase performance-per-watt.
      - Adaptec 16 port PCIe Gen 3 LP RAID adapter: 450,000 IOPS at 13.33 watts = 33,758 IOPS per watt
      - Adaptec 8 port PCIe Gen2 LP RAID adapter: 45,000 IOPS at 15.56 watts = 2,892 IOPS per watt
  • Full utilization of PCIe Gen3 bandwidth: While the PCIe Gen3 interface doubles bandwidth to the host compared to PCIe Gen2, it requires at least 16 6Gb/s SAS/SATA ports to double the bandwidth to the storage devices. Competing 6 Gb/s solutions have only 8 ports, which chokes bandwidth and decreases the IOPS-per-watt metric.
  • Low profile MD2 form factor: Adaptec offers more low-profile high port count RAID adapters and HBAs than any other manufacturer. The low-profile form factor is ideal for increasingly-dense server environments, and promotes better airflow and more efficient cooling than full-height adapters without compromising performance.
  • Connectors: Adaptec was first to market with mini-SAS HD connectors on 6Gb/s adapters as well as top-mounted connectors, coupled with cables with right-angle and straight connectors. Smaller than traditional connectors, mini-SAS HD connectors enable adapter designs of up to 24 ports in a LP/MD2 form factor, making optimal use of PCIe slots for maximum connectivity and optimal airflow in dense server environments.
  • AFM flash-based cache protection: Adaptec Series 7 and Series 6 RAID adapters with Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP) protect cached data without disposable lithium ion-powered battery backup units. Each new generation of AFM module has been designed to minimize the number of components for maximum efficiency.
  • Adaptec maxCache: Available with select Adaptec Series 8Q, 7Q and 6Q RAID adapters, maxCache reduces latency and improves application performance by storing frequently-read data in an SSD cache, reducing usage of hard disk drives and the energy needed to spin them.

Leading by Example
Our commitment to the responsible use of environmental resources doesn't stop with product performance and features. Microsemi Adaptec's corporate culture is fully dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint small throughout our offices, where we encourage employees to adopt eco-friendly habits, and also in our facilities where we utilize socially- and environmentally-conscious manufacturing materials and techniques.

ROHS CompliantMicrosemi Adaptec products are manufactured in accordance with strict government environmental regulations, including RoHS, which reduces the uses of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, which dictates the safe use of certain chemicals.