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maxCache Solutions

Caching Solutions for
Optimal Application Acceleration

Adaptec maxCache caching technology provides the most optimized server storage solution in the market.

Adaptec maxCache 3.0Adaptec maxCache technology, now in its 3rd generation, is an SSD caching solution that accelerates application performance and reduces total cost of ownership. Our maxCache technology allows for solid state storage drives (SSDs) to be configured as cache, then prioritizes data, based on frequency of access, and places most frequently accessed-in this "cache" pool. Data is then pulled from cache (vs. the HDDs), thus improving performance. The first-generation product provided significant performance gains for read-intensive applications. The product evolved with the addition of fully redundant write caching support, advancing the performance capabilities of SSD caching to a broader set of application workloads. It was further enhanced by the inclusion of ARC's Optimized Disk Utilization (ODU), which allowed the SSD pool to be utilized as both cache and logical storage simultaneously. Download the Adaptec maxCache 3.0 Whitepaper.

Key benefits of maxCache 3.0 include:

  • Up to 44x faster than HDD-only solutions: Improved Learned-Path Algorithm that identifies frequently- accessed ("hot") data, and optimizes application performance by copying this data directly into an SSD cache pool for faster retrieval in future requests.
  • Capability to deploy write caching: Offering write caching capability for expanded application workload benefits, Adaptec maxCache 3.0 utilizes the write performance benefits of SSDs to provide additional workload performance advancements.
  • Reduced capital and operating expenses: Reduces capital expenses by increasing IOPS with less hardware - thereby significantly cutting operating expenses related to energy and maintenance.
  • Reduced cost and increased flexibility for SSD selection: Adaptec RAID adapters with maxCache 3.0 SSD Caching allow the use of any enterprise class SSD as a cache, allowing a wide range of vendors and lower cost. These adapters have been qualified with some of the most recent enterprise SSD products to leverage improved performance as well as enterprise features and durability.
  • Capacity Advantage: Adaptec maxCache 3.0 SSD Caching software is the only caching solution that supports up to 2 TB of SSD cache.

Capitalizing on the advantages of SSDs while suppressing their limitations, maxCache SSD Caching delivers 44x better server performance benefits for both read and write operations.

maxCache 3.0 with Read Caching and Fully Redundant Write Caching Accelerates Application Performance and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Adaptec RAID adapters with maxCache 3.0 technology include:

» Series 8Q with maxCache 3.0:
» Series 7Q with maxCache 3.0:

Note: All testing was conducted with Adaptec Series 7Q (6Gb/s) RAID adapters. We expect that the same benefits apply to the new Series 8Q/8ZQ (12Gb/s) RAID adapters.