Adaptec SAS Expander 82885T
PMC Adaptec introduces the Industry’s first 36 port, 12Gb/s SAS Expander Card, in a low-profile form factor delivering maximum scalability, flexibility and compatibility.
Small Image of Adaptec SAS Expander 82885T
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User and Install Guides
Microsemi Adaptec Cooling & Airflow Guide (PDF 169KB)
Event Monitor v3.02.23600 - User's Guide (PDF 1.3MB)
maxView Storage Manager v2.06.23167 - User's Guide (PDF 4.8MB)
Adaptec SAS Expander - Installation And User's Guide 6/2016 (PDF 1.8MB)
Command Line Interface v2.05.22932 - User's Guide (PDF 1.5MB)
Adaptec SAS Expander - ReadMe May 2021 (PDF 18KB)
maxView Storage Manager & ARCCONF Command Line Utility v3.04.23699 - ReadMe (PDF 957KB)
Microsemi Adaptec RAID Controller - ReadMe 10/2017 (PDF 615KB)
Release Notes
maxView Storage Manager & ARCCONF Command Line Utility v3.01.23531 - ReadMe (PDF 1MB)

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Low cost solution ideal for density optimized servers requiring direct connectivity to up to 24 SAS or SATA HDDs and SSD.
Supports 12 Gbps data rates and is backward compatible to 6 Gbps.
Key Differentiators
• 36 ports (28 internal, 8 external) in low-profile MD2 form factor
• Enables both internal and external connectivity
• Backwards compatible to 6 Gbps for legacy 6G SAS or SATA devices
• Complete portfolio of mini-SAS HD cables available
Customer Needs
High I/O transaction and high bandwidth processing; solutions that reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs;
low-profile form factor.
Management Utilities
Microsemi Adaptec maxView Storage Manager
Data Transfer Rate
12 Gbps per port
6 Gbps per port
Form Factor
MD2 – Low Profile
Package Contents
Adaptec SAS Exander 82885T Card
Physical Size
2.535"H x 6.6"L (64mm x 167mm)
Operating Temperature
0°C to 55°C* (with 200 LFM airflow)

Note: Please install this card only into server or PC chassis with recommended airflow (200 LFM). For maximum heat sink efficiency, the air should bypass the card horizontally.
Operating Voltage
1.34A @ 12 VDC
Regulatory Certification
Environmental Compliance
Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)
1,000,000 hours at 40°C
3 years